As Tungsten

This is a two-part poem I wrote some time ago.Part IYou're all that I can breathe anymore;There's only so much of you left in my lungsTo sustain me till our next meeting.And when we do meet,Oh, when we do meet,My body is a skirmish of heat and wetness,Smiling warmth, inviting skin, all at once,Till finallyWe … Continue reading As Tungsten


Driftwood.  Floating, freely, happy to be solitary Pretending To withstand the might of the ocean Drifting, away, toward, from, forever forward Marvels at horizon Distant shore farther, and farther still Till momentum causes to face again The distant shore And with it, leagues of uncaring sea Tantamount to this baseless anxiety Too far, too removed … Continue reading Driftwood