Web Content for a Conversational AI Tech Company

This content was created for the 'Services' and 'Work' website sections of a Tech company that builds chatbots and conversational AI. BUSINESSES ON CHAT We integrate & deploy fully functional chat ecosystems for enterprises Services Bot Maker Create your own chatbot across all platforms using our bot maker, and take your business to 3 billion … Continue reading Web Content for a Conversational AI Tech Company

Kohinoor Tea Product Descriptions Pt. I

Anytime Premium Tea The product of centuries of evolution, this oxidized tea is the most sought after tea in the world, carefully handpicked and brewed by experts from the misty mountains of Assam. Try this tea for its complete delivery of aroma, briskness and full bodied flavour. It can be stored for years and is … Continue reading Kohinoor Tea Product Descriptions Pt. I

India Bar Inc. (Web Copy)

About Us - Short Version India is undoubtedly one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world and there is no dearth of festivals showcasing our culture and traditions. In the same vein, we ought to showcase our inimitable after-dark fervour that’s an integral piece of our cultural puzzle and give the audience a … Continue reading India Bar Inc. (Web Copy)

Fun Box (Web & PR Copy)

Tagline - Bringing A New Twist To Fun! Think kiddie parties, mix in excited faces full of rapt attention, and round it off with the perfect amount of happiness. Fun Box brings to you Balloon Twisting, the all-new avenue of ‘inflated’ entertainment. The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Revolution is assuredly taking the world by storm, so hop … Continue reading Fun Box (Web & PR Copy)

Kohinoor Tea

Home Page Tea. The antiquated indulgence that has retained its title as the 'World’s Favourite Beverage' after water, for thousands of years. Reminisce back to those rainy days; that accompanying buttered toast and the general feeling of pampered luxury that only this aromatic infusioncan offer. Welcome home, to that feeling again. Welcome home, to Kohinoor … Continue reading Kohinoor Tea

Kanakia Wall Street Press Release

You work, and you work hard. You are one of the 400 million professionals that comprise the workforce of India. But you have big dreams. You might have started small, but you are rising out of the ground, slowly, but surely. In another part of the city, Kanakia Wall Street is also rising out of … Continue reading Kanakia Wall Street Press Release

Bhagat Tarachand Dish Descriptions

Dal Fry Simplicity and goodness in every bite - that's what our famous Dal Fry's claim to fame is. A staple of most Indians that requires no introduction, our Dal Fry is the culmination of a perfected homegrown recipe that adds a twist to the traditional yellow dal. Using precise quantities of red chillies and … Continue reading Bhagat Tarachand Dish Descriptions