Alright, so since I'm an Indian and proud of not only the accomplishments of this country but also the nonsensical things that are rooted in our culture, I had to do a post featuring the best (or should I say worst?) Youtube videos I have had the fortune of viewing, that are very Indian-centric. MUST … Continue reading Indiosity


Driftwood.  Floating, freely, happy to be solitary Pretending To withstand the might of the ocean Drifting, away, toward, from, forever forward Marvels at horizon Distant shore farther, and farther still Till momentum causes to face again The distant shore And with it, leagues of uncaring sea Tantamount to this baseless anxiety Too far, too removed … Continue reading Driftwood

Catastrophic Proportions

Disclaimer: Cat Object of post is not, in fact, grumpy cat. Although I should just claim that she is and make lots of money. So my best friend’s cat, Cookie, gave birth to ANOTHER kindle of kittens. I’m pretty sure the count is well over 25, now. I can hardly even call her ‘Cookie’ without … Continue reading Catastrophic Proportions

Gastronomically Lucky

Today I got over one of my several irrational fears (fear of wok) and made a prawn stirfry with oyster & hoisin sauce which was devilishly good, suprisingly. I couldn't have done it without Samonhey, of course. It was an eventful day, because of the following Lesson # 1. Never chop thai chillies and accidentally, … Continue reading Gastronomically Lucky


It was the end of the lunch break and we were all filing out  of the foyer to go upstairs and resume our  lectures. Talking and laughing, we reached It. There It was. The Dreaded  Staircase. It wasn’t the transition from rickshaw to train to cab to foot to get to college on time, It … Continue reading Staircases