It's that time of day.  Heading home, commuting, tired.  But the twilight envelops you, and the fallen leaves dance at your feet  And the children run with their canines And the crow dips and swirls in time with your train. But the twilight envelops you, awakening your heart, Swimming in gumption and saudade, Awakening you … Continue reading Crepusculum

The Epic Saga of Cake

So, the maternal figure and I volunteered to bake a fancy schmancy cake,  from scratch,  for my cousin's Holy Communion.   These are my documented  results.   Part Un  The Everything Everywhere.   The chaos.   The Invincible aroma of Freshly Baked.   The Porous-y Circle that vanquishes Human Resolve.   Part Deux Delayed Gratification.  … Continue reading The Epic Saga of Cake

Closets Closets Closets Closets ( A Guest Post)

[To all the closeted, to all the afraid. This is a bluntly honest  letter on acceptance, that my close friend published. Share it with whoever you think needs to read it]. A letter to friends, but more to everyone else. I'm Keith. I'm 20. I've chosen to be many things in life: a helper, a … Continue reading Closets Closets Closets Closets ( A Guest Post)

The English Junkie

The other day,  I was watching You've Got Mail,  for what may well be, admittedly, the 6th or 7th time, and while I was thoroughly enjoying it, sighing in the same manner, in the necessary parts of the movie, as I did the first time I watched it,  and breaking out into smiles of unabashed … Continue reading The English Junkie


Departing from my usual style of writing, which is to basically make everything a spectacle, this was written when I was in a somewhat forlorn place, maybe a year ago.  Sometimes, you wonder if all poetry and love songs aren't just grossly exaggerating the majesty of Love. But now you are barely at the base of … Continue reading Sometimes

Why I Love The Winter

Okay, so no prizes for guessing that Winter is my favouritest, awesomest, supercoolest season of the year. See how I just used those 3 very mid-teen words that don't really have a place in the dictionary? Yeah, I do that. Ok so HERE'S WHY I LOVE WINTER! : Winter does not know that Mumbai exists. … Continue reading Why I Love The Winter

As Tungsten

This is a two-part poem I wrote some time ago.Part IYou're all that I can breathe anymore;There's only so much of you left in my lungsTo sustain me till our next meeting.And when we do meet,Oh, when we do meet,My body is a skirmish of heat and wetness,Smiling warmth, inviting skin, all at once,Till finallyWe … Continue reading As Tungsten

The Biggest Loser

Everyone that has lost a phone 5/+ times, will relate to this post. I realized: Forget a retirement fund and money for fairy wedding. Not happening. Making a Finances for Replacement Phones fund, instead. 2) ALWAYS BACK UP DATA. ALWAYS. 3) PERIODICALLY DELETE QUESTIONABLE ITEMS FROM PHONE. ALWAYS. 4) Purchase neon-colored phone holder and STAPLE … Continue reading The Biggest Loser

Why It’s Scary To Be Home Alone.

So, I live in a suburban 2 BHK apartment, nothing out of the ordinary. It’s not like the building was constructed during the time of some great genocide or it was built over some graveyard or something, as I’m told much of Mira Road is. I don’t have regal, but nonetheless creepy chandeliers that could … Continue reading Why It’s Scary To Be Home Alone.

A Few Things.

You know, sometimes there are things that just get imprinted on your brain even if you're like me and don't remember what underwear you put on 5 minutes ago. These are a few of those things. By Friedrich Nietzsche, one of the most influential post-modern and existentialist philosophers. Because I have always been obsessed with … Continue reading A Few Things.