Kohinoor Tea

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The antiquated indulgence that has retained its title as the ‘World’s Favourite Beverage’ after water, for thousands of years. Reminisce back to those rainy days; that accompanying buttered toast and the general feeling of pampered luxury that only this aromatic infusion
can offer.

Welcome home, to that feeling again. Welcome home, to Kohinoor Tea.

Corporate Profile

Vatsh Corporation began its journey more than six decades ago, when a mere banya named Shri Navratlal Bulakhidas Shah took his passion for tea, and fuelled it into his remarkable journey that took him from being a Nobody with a Dream, to a prestigious Entrepreneur.

Along with the support of his uncle and brother, they took the fabled road less travelled to the big and bustling Mumbai city, where, against all
odds, they single handedly took on the noble task of nurturing, cultivating and producing quality tea.

However, due to a series of afflictions, the business was handed down to the equally qualified and able hands of his sons Yogesh and Paresh Shah. Together, the brothers proved a formidable force, and their dedication coupled with their impeccable relations with all their clients, took the business to greater heights.

The sudden demise of Yogesh Shah, the twin pillar of the establishment proved a brutal blow, but Paresh Shah ploughed on, undaunted and with renewed gusto in 1992. His unencumbered efforts eventually saw
fruition and this venture of the Tea Trade entered the wholesale as well as retail markets through two outlets in Asia’s largest market.

The corporate office was ultimately inaugurated ‘Vatsh Corporation’ in 2000, a tribute to the Founder, his vision and his great ensuing legacy that cemented the organization on a foundation of dedication, trust and

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