Thanda chaas, robust dal fry, and of course, everyone has a soft spot for naram phulkas!  Whichever corner of the world we Indians end up in, the authentic taste of wholesome, nutritious food is something that will always be unmatched, much like our best experiences in life.

And here, at B. Bhagat Tarachand, that is what our food is. An unmatched experience.

What started out as little more than a stall in Karachi in 1895, B. Bhagat Tarachand now spans the whole of Mumbai. But even though B. Bhagat Tarachand is a wildly successful franchise, we have managed to retain what most other businesses lose in the process of expansion – our essence.

In fact, everyone who frequents the restaurant is familiar with the legendary tale of our founder, Tarachand Chawla. A century ago, even as a small business owner just starting out, he was such a generous and kindred spirit that he would often allow regular customers to eat for free if they couldn’t afford the meal. This justifiably earned him the title ‘Bhagat’ (meaning kindness), and hence our restaurant was christened Bhagat Tarachand, after the benevolent founder.

What remains consistent in the little stall in 1895 and in its present counterparts in our restaurants all over Mumbai, is the serious commitment to quality and freshness. We are all quite used to seeing the terms ‘quality’ and ‘freshness’ being thrown around in advertisements and marketing gimmicks by every restaurant out there, but at B. Bhagat Tarachand, we put the money where our mouth is (quite literally!)

On a daily basis, our cooks churn out fresh, healthy and delectable food not once, which is the industry standard (that most don’t abide by), but twice! Prakash Chawla, owner of the B Bhagat Tarachand chain, says “We are so committed to preserving the freshness of our food and meeting our customer’s expectations, that we use the same raw materials at home, as we do in the restaurant”.

Ghar ka khana doesn’t get more literal than that!

Our most buzzing center is the B. Bhagat Tarachand restaurant in Zaveri Bazaar, started in the 1970’s. The area is frequented by traders, businessmen and the working class, who have a penchant for well-cooked traditional vegetarian food and, unsurprisingly, have long since adopted our restaurant as their go-to hub for mealtimes.

Our unique Punjabi and Sindhi pure vegetarian fare, always cooked fresh and always up to the standard, has found its way into the hearts of our customers. One of our crowd favourites include dal fry, papad churi, buttery soft phulkas and fondly call ‘Kutchi Beer’ which is chaas that we serve in beer bottles. It perfectly compliments that varied tastes of the food we serve in our thalis.

With the resounding success of the Zaveri Bazaar restaurant, we expanded to other parts of Mumbai and beyond and are now located in Pydhonie, Inorbit mall Vashi, Inorbit mall Malad, Vashi- Sector 12, Viviana Mall in Thane and R city mall in Ghatkopar (where the restaurant is named ‘Shvatra’)

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