Bhagat Tarachand Dish Descriptions

Bhagat Tarachand famous thali

Dal Fry

Simplicity and goodness in every bite – that’s what our famous Dal Fry’s claim to fame is. A staple of most Indians that requires no introduction, our Dal Fry is the culmination of a perfected homegrown recipe that adds a twist to the traditional yellow dal. Using precise quantities of red chillies and other spices that lend that zingy ‘tadka’ to our dal, we balance it out with a generous dollop of flavorful butter. The resulting dish that has been tinkered with, over many years, has an unmatched mouthwatering taste that reminds you of home. It is also prepared four times a day to ensure the utmost freshness.

A crowd favourite, it is not unusual to see every table at Bhagat Tarachand hosting a vessel of our Dal Fry, amongst other fare!

Papad Churi

A best selling snack here at Bhagat Tarachand is our Papad Churi. Originated and created in these very kitchens, the Papad Churi is a crunchy snack comprised of crushed papads, and melded together with a butter and spices combination. The Papad Churi’s reputation really precedes itself as is usually ordered by our patrons before they even glance at the menu! The crunchy delight is always served fresh. Two other variants of the Papad Churi made available, are Khicha and Khich Churi, made with a rice papad variety that originates in Gujarat.

Kutchi Beer/ Chaas

When people come to Bhagat Tarachand, the one thing they can’t get enough of, is our ‘Kutchi Beer’. 30 years ago, in lieu of introducing new concepts, we decided to start serving the ever-popular chaas drink in beer bottles, and hence it was name Kutchi Beer. Needless to say, it really caught on and ever since, has been one of our best sellers. We pay special attention to the consistency of our chaas to get it just the right amount of body and subtle spice. The cooling drink is a perfect accompaniment to the smorgasbord of food on our menu.

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