Alright, so since I’m an Indian and proud of not only the accomplishments of this country but also the nonsensical things that are rooted in our culture, I had to do a post featuring the best (or should I say worst?) Youtube videos I have had the fortune of viewing, that are very Indian-centric.


You will thank me later. Or thank me now. 

#1. Benny Lava

I think the entire world should watch this video, if they haven’t already. This is a dance sequence from some South Indian movie and a brilliant somebody has added subtitles to what he thinks it sounds like in English!

#2. Indian Superman 

One of the lyrics goes something like this “Tu meraaa Supermaaaaan, main teriii ladyyy, ho gaya apna…. pyaar already” *laser sounds*  (Translation:”You are myyy Supermaaaan, I am yourrr laaadyyy, Our love has happened…..already). So now you know why you HAVE to watch this.

#3.Shit Punjabi Mothers Say

She is Punjabi, she lives in Canada and she is BRILL. This is her, imitating her mother. (For more videos of her, look for ‘Superwoman’ on Youtube)

#4. How Can She Slap

This is just…’s a classic. Like ‘ Ain’t nobody got time for that.’ Oh, yes, it has been remixed a hundred times, too. This is the original, from some reality show and then you can check out the remix. Watch from 1:00 to 2:30

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand remix time! It’s actually quite catchy 0_0 

#5. Propose to a Girl

THIS. I laughed so hard, I got abs immediately after.

#6. Sahi Rishta Matrimonial

Do yourself a favour and watch ALL OF THESE MATRIMONIALS.

This woman says “I don’t want my future husband to call me pumpkin, sugar, sweetie, honey, any of the sweet names because… I am not a dessert.”

ROFL please watch for yourselves.

Plizz to share and like, help spread the joy of viewing these, eh hem, talented individuals.

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